Zoe Fackelman

    Zoe began her yoga experience at age 10 in preparation to become a cheerleader at St. Lawrence School in Greece, NY. She continued practicing yoga through grammar school, high school at Cardinal Mooney and at Ithaca College. Zoe’s Pranayama practice strengthened during her senior year of college at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, NY!

    Yoga for Zoe is about quieting her mind, looking within and practicing asana (poses and postures) as a distraction to the hustle bustle of life. “My yoga practice is an opportunity to slow down and express my gratitude for our many blessings.”

    Managing chronic spinal pain from a work-related injury in addition to persistently tight calf and thigh muscles has enabled Zoe to appreciate the challenges others may have with a yoga practice. She is an avid golfer, gardener, and alpine skier and enjoys snowshoeing, slalom water skiing, hiking, biking, and boating. Coupled with her degree and experience as an orthopedic, sports, TMJ, vestibular, perinatal and pelvic floor physical therapist, Zoe combines her medical expertise with her Iyengar yoga teacher training to customize a practice suitable for any health issue, personal goal or physical concern or limitation related to activities of daily living, recreation or sport.